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  API 		 Application Programming Interface
ARP 		 Address Resolution Protocol
ATM 		 Asynchronous Transfer Mode
BOA 		 Basic Objekt Adapter
BOOTP 		 Bootstrap Protocol
BPDU 		 Bridge Protocol Data Unit
CORBA 		 Common Object Request Broker Architecture
DII 		 Dynamic Invocation Interface
DNS 		 Domain Name Service
DSI 		 Dynamic Skeleton Interface
DTE 		 Data Terminal Equipment
FTP 		 File Transfer Protocol
HTTP 		 Hypertext Transfer Protocol
IDL 		 Interface Definition Language
ISO 		 International Organization for Standardization
IEEE 		 Institute of Electrical Electronics and Engineers
IIOP 		 Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
IP 		 Internet Protocol
LAN 		 Local Area Network
MAC 		 Medium Access Control
MASA 		 Mobile Agent System Architecture
MIB 		 Management Information Base
NIS 		 Network Information Service
OMA 		 Object Management Architecture
OMG 		 Object Management Group
OMT 		 Object Modeling Technique
ORB 		 Object Request Broker
OSI 		 Open Systems Interconnect
PC 		 Personal Computer
PDU 		 Protocol Data Unit
QoS		 Quality of Service
RARP 		 Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
RFC 		 Request for Comment
SNMP 		 Simple Network Management Protocol
StP 		 Software through Pictures
TCP 		 Transmission Control Programm
UDP 		 User Datagram Protocol
URL 		 Uniform Resource Identifiers
VLAN 		 Virtual Local Area Network
WAN 		 Wide Area Network

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