Evaluation of attention steering methods for an AR companion app for nature trails

Nature trails are an effective way to draw interest among children and students to nature. A well designed trail also helps to protect and conserve its sights and surroundings.
This results in a trade-off in modifications to the environment. Modifications are necessary, as they provide knowledge and entertainment to visitors. However, they also change and influence the natural environment, which should usually be disturbed as little as possible.
A mobile companion app which incorporates augmented reality helps to alleviate said problem, as the application can add virtual content without perturbing the real world. Smart phone usage on an educational trail, however, generates a different issue.
Enticing visitors to focus their attention their mobile devices defeats the actual purpose of visiting a nature trail. Hence, the companion app needs to incorporate measures to steer the user's attention towards nature by default and only towards the smart device if need be.

The goal of this thesis is the evaluation of attention steering methods using mobile devices in an outdoor setting.

Prof. Dr. D. Kranzlmüller

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